Join the Contact Dermatitis Institute

Enroll in learning modules which cover everything from Contact Dermatitis 101 to How to Set Up a Patch Test Clinic. Utilize these modules to train your clinic staff and educate yourself on all things contact dermatitis and patch testing.

Participate in a community where you can ask questions and begin discussions with other health care professionals who deal with patch testing every day.

Access a steady stream of articles, videos, and information for you to share with and provide to your patients.

Browse a library of the most common allergens; which contains information about where allergens are found, how to avoid them, and products which contain the allergen.

Introducing the Contact Dermatitis Institute

The Contact Dermatitis Institute is an online community striving to provide:

The Contact Dermatitis Institute seeks to produce ongoing research, easily accessible online resources, and educational opportunities to the patch testing community and their patients.

For Patients:

Proper patient education is vital to the treatment and understanding of Allergic Contact Dermatitis. If patients do not have a true understanding of ACD and their specific allergy, suitable allergen avoidance is difficult.

CDI is an excellent source for patient resources and support. The Patient Section is designed to provide useful and focused information without overly complicated medical explanations.

Under the patient section, they can discover:

For Healthcare Professionals:

For continuing education, examining best practices and developing new techniques are imperative to the growth and development of the patch testing community. CDI is committed to providing training opportunities, the latest news, resources, and research to the patch testing community.

Within the site you will find:

The Contact Dermatitis Institute also offers Healthcare Professionals the unique opportunity to participate in an interactive peer-to-peer community. The CDI Interactive and Knowledgeable Peer Community is designed to ignite discussion and share knowledge. This site operates as a single location for the patch testing community to come together and share ideas, resources, and engage in various learning opportunities.

Within in the CDI community you will find:

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